Coming soon to your browser: Read and Surf Sanely, a blog & newsletter to help you better peruse the Internet

Lately I’ve been inspired by three things. Other than my lifelong love for space that is.

  1. The Own Your Web newsletter by Matthias Ott, which is all about inspiring and helping people create on the Open Web.
  2. The “Fediverse” finally becoming a viable means to socialize on the Web without isolating others. Flipboard and Threads have started to federate. WordPress and Medium are aboard. People are more familiar with Mastodon thanks to the X fiasco. Bluesky bridges are being built. federating is cherry on top.
  3. The People and Blogs project by Manu, where he gets interesting people to talk about their blogs and the associated processes.

Most of you know that I love reading things on the Internet to virtually no end. It’s a feeling many of us can relate to. Some of you also know that I love the open Web. When you combine the two, the synergy makes consuming the Internet an absolute pleasure.

But most people aren’t aware that adopting the open Web’s underpinnings can help them be better read in every way—from absorption and habits to efficiency and perspectives. While there are plenty of blogs and newsletters urging people to write on their own websites, barely any exist to simply help them systematically read and discover things outside the bubbles of social media, messaging apps, and Google. And those who don’t exist solely in such bubbles tend to look for ways to enhance their Web reading pursuits.

This is why I’m starting a monthly curated blog & newsletter called Read and Surf Sanely. Yes, it abbreviates to RSS, natch. Simply put, I want to help people better peruse the Internet. And in the process better myself too. Here’s what I’m planning to include in the first edition of Read and Surf Sanely when its out in February:

  1. New features and use cases on Read it later apps and RSS readers
  2. Share newly available RSS feeds of public interest
  3. Fediverse updates, and how to use it to counter social media woes
  4. New features on search engines and browsers related to reading
  5. Kindle and ebook tips
  6. Resurface a good old feature
  7. Share a well read human’s reading stack
  8. and more!

If that sounds like something you would enjoy, subscribe for free.

In the meanwhile, check out the zeroth edition and maybe some of my essays about the open Web.

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