Life update: I’ve moved to Bengaluru

This week I moved from Mumbai, the city where I was born and grew up, to Bengaluru. I like many things about Mumbai but I’ve longed to live in Bengaluru for a while now, and below are the major reasons why.

  • Bengaluru is the space hub of India. Majority of the people in space exploration and the industry are here. Most conferences in India take place here. As a space writer, Bengaluru makes the most sense among all places in the country. Besides, I’ve been traveling to the city for these reasons every two to three months anyway, and so it’s easier for me to just exist here instead. Looking ahead, I’m excited to expand my space horizons and coverage.
  • I couldn’t really play badminton in Mumbai because of general unavailability of courts. But Bengaluru, as a more sports-playing than sports-watching city, has courts like every square kilometer or two. I can’t wait to start playing the sport I enjoy the most every day.
  • Somehow, I have more friends in Bengaluru than Mumbai.
  • The city’s generally cool weather is a delight. Though the transits are not. But as an independent writer, I’m sufficiently shielded from the choke of the road.
  • Bengaluru much better caters to my other interests, like poetry, consumer technology, open Web, reading clubs, board games, etc.

It’s been tiring to plan and execute the move, setting up a house from scratch, but now I’m excited to resume nominal living soon.

Bangalore is known for its many lakes. Here’s the one near me, called Ulsoor lake.

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