Being able to watch a sunset

To Manu’s post, which says:

Sometimes a beautiful sunset on a lake is all it takes to be happy.

The post reminded me of my article exploring the possibilities of life on starless worlds. I can’t help but wonder about the incredible views they would miss. I’m fully aware I’m coming across as anthropocentric here but I’m a human after all. The serenity of sunsets and sunrises that our Earth and solar system are capable of producing really does make me happy.

Early reddish orange dusk at Suvarna river, Manipal, India with silhouetted trees and its black reflections in the water.
Dusk at Suvarna river, Manipal, India
View of a delineated red dawn and blue sky from a plane, with a dark gray wing view.
Horizon glow
An atmosphere-induced smudgy looking Sun, which is about to set, as viewed from a residential area.
A smudgy Sun about to set
A sunset and its glow on the Indian ocean. The moment captured is of the Sun’s lower edge touching the horizon.
A sunset’s glow over the Indian ocean