A little bit about me as a human being

While I’m chiefly a space writer, I also wanted to share with my internet friends what I’m simply like as a fellow person otherwise.

First off, as you probably know, here’s me in my natural habitat—exploring corners of the Internet regardless of where I’m physically at.

Here’s what I look like as a human being in favorable lighting.

Below are some of my traits and idiosyncrasies.

  • I’m asocial i.e. not even introverted. Even with friends, I absolutely do not like the idea of meeting them often, talking on the phone frequently or for long even if infrequently, being part of chat groups, and so on.
  • Minimalist.
  • Love being peak productive.
  • Can’t say no to tea and vada pav.
  • Have more blogs than (good) friends.
  • That being said, I’m truly grateful to the few people who decide to stick with me anyway.
  • Get really annoyed by nearly all animations and glittery nonsense on “modern” websites, apps and operating systems. I religiously disable every possible such thing.
  • How modern social networks are intentionally engineered to exploit people’s behavior depresses me.
  • Love playing badminton.
  • Don’t like taking pictures of humans but love to snap things such as intricate insects and beautiful flowers. The unadulterated joy of kids are an exception to the former.
  • I once participated in a Photoblogging challenge.
  • Love having food at indie places, and prefer supporting them with my wallet rather than pleasing corporate franchises whenever possible.
  • Really like double-walled steel cups for consuming beverages.
  • Incapable of posting even something casual in an unorganized way.

That is all.

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