Switching to WhatsApp for Business

I recently switched my WhatsApp account from the regular personal one to a WhatsApp for Business account for primarily two reasons.

  1. The link to my space blog on my WhatsApp profile is now clickable by others unlike the text-only bios on regular WhatsApp.
  2. I thought having a prominently displayed “Business Account” up top in the chat would discourage people from texting me for no good reason. And it did.

I don’t know about you but where I live, in India, people have an annoying habit of texting people random things like good morning messages, forwards, pictures and whatnot. Converting to a Business account has reduced a significant amount of chatter. Why am I saying this out loud on this blog? Because I’m sure that such people that I’d rather avoid hearing from don’t read this blog, or ever will. And that makes writing this amusing.

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