Newsletter for friends #01: Things and thoughts from May & June

To human readers of my personal blog,

Today I’m starting this little monthly newsletter for my friends on the Web, further embracing my foray into living a simple digital life. In part inspired by Philip Thomas, it’s a calmer way to stay in touch against the slurp of social media. Fewer people, no stress and FOMO, time not wasted, and deliberate connections.

Let’s exchange thoughts and links once a month. Here are some notable things I’ve been up to or enjoyed since May.



Space, personally


  • How humans decide to meet
  • Would you consider time to publish a story or new development to be the most important aspect of journalism?

Notable microthoughts


  • LED bulbs with built-in batteries are such a cool idea
  • Finally getting back in the game 🏸
  • Bangalore has much better metro cards than Mumbai
  • Purchased the Lifetime Pro plan for my space blog and this blog Journal J


If you know me, I’d love to hear from you on how you found this newsletter for friends. If you don’t know me but connected to something in there, feel free to let me know or subscribe to get future posts.

Don’t know what to say? Reply with one interesting link.

Let’s not live an internet without intent.


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