In praise of Bear

I’m impressed by the Bear app’s ability to import and export an exceptionally wide range of file formats compared to the 20+ note-taking apps I looked into. I was on a quest to find an app that can reliably import entire blog archives as well as contents of any individual web pages I throw at it with high fidelity. Bear does both.

Notion was a close second in its import support but not in its relatively limited export options. It also messes up the order of some text in HTML files. On the other hand, many of the popular note-taking apps can’t even import HTML files, or export as such, both of which is perplexing. Workflowy, the app I use to organize my article notes, can export notes as HTML but not import them. In fact, it seems to have no import option for anything at all!

At $15/year, Bear is also among the cheapest note-taking apps out there while being generously featured, pleasant to use, snappy, and efficient. I’m thinking to import and consolidate all sorts of scattered note-taking I do into Bear. I’ve begun my free trial of Bear Pro, and am excited about typing a lot on this beautiful app with my bear hands.

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