To help Ukraine, don't post on social media; act tangibly instead

In this so called modern time where a country feels entitled to invade another, misinformation spreads faster than usual, flawed mechanisms in big social platforms are exploited for political gains, and provocation and thought-policing is normalized, I urge you to consider two things.

  1. Do not post or share things on social platforms, especially short takes, just to show that you care or are in the know. Vet a source before you do share something important. Despite what it seems like, reacting immediately is more likely to fuel more issues than solve them.
  2. Identify something specific you can do to help in a tangible way. For most people, it isn’t a tweet or two. For example, I’m dissatisfied with the fact that my country abstained the UN Security Council’s call for an emergency session of the General Assembly on the conflict in Ukraine. Before you judge though, you should read up on India’s history of relations with all countries involved. Nevertheless, I’m personally not happy with my country’s overall response, and the one thing I could do as an observer is support relief efforts for people displaced from their homes. The UN Refugee Agency is accepting donations specifically to provide basic life-saving protection to families forced to leave their homes. Please consider doing so too if that’s the best you can do.

Take a moment to acknowledge the freedom that you have, and act where it counts.

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