I participated in a Photoblogging Challenge!

And it was fun.

Micro.blog, a micro-blogging platform as well as a nice little community of bloggers, hosted its latest Photoblogging Challenge this May. I didn’t take part in their October 2021 Challenge but this time I was in the mood to give it a shot. The idea is simple: there are community-suggested prompts selected for each day of the month, and you have to post a related picture on that day. Since this was my first time ever participating in any such challenge, I only posted pictures for prompts I could with relative ease and didn’t mind missing the rest.

Day 5: Earth

Here’s a little bit of Earth in the literal senses of two meanings of the word. The (for now) root of all our homes. Picture taken at Ooty.

Day 6: Silhouette

Dusk at Suvarna river, Manipal, India

Day 12: Tranquility

I love Indian tea (minus the excess sugar). Boiling tea grains brings out a certain strong flavor that dip tea or any other form simply doesn’t. Milk adds smoothness. My two boosts of tranquil thinking a day.

Day 13: Community

Still vividly remember my first in-person rocket launch—India’s Chandrayaan 2 mission in 2019. 5,000 people in one place representing the Indian space community’s enthusiasm about exploring space and our Moon for science and a better tomorrow.

Day 15: Clouds

Cloudy with a chance of landing

Day 16: Time

What persevering through time can do. If I can become an independent writer in the niche field of space exploration, sitting in India, I genuinely believe anyone else can do anything equivalent too.

Day 19: Indulgence

Day 20: Beverage

The tranquility of a beverage isn’t just about what’s in it but what holds it too. Thanks to double-walled steel cups, I’m never going back to drinking in ceramics or glass.

Day 21: Symmetry

A Gazania flower from the beautiful bunch at IIT Kanpur

Day 24: Intricate

This prompt was suggested by me!

A crushable aluminum-honeycomb structure that gets compressed in the legs of Moon-landing spacecraft during touchdown to absorb impact forces.

Day 25: Mountain

A rubble-pile mountain from somewhere in South India (I was in a train)
I nominated this incredible picture of the central peak of Tycho crater taken by NASA’s LRO spacecraft. Also read how Moon mountains form.

Day 26: Schedule

What showing up every Monday can do. These are the stats for my Moon exploration newsletter. I know this is humble growth but for a niche creator who doesn’t make videos or podcasts and only writes, I’m happy.

Day 28: Fair

It’s remarkable how much infrastructure is required to ensure crowds don’t rush into trains and keep things fair. The second metro in my city has doors on stations too.

Day 31: Endurance

This prompt was suggested by me as well.

“Endurance” may not be your first thought when you see a damselfly but this species has been around for over 100 million years—from when the dinosaurs ruled Earth to now when humans do.
Pictures from the intriguing insects I came across in Bangalore

That’s all folks!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I know I had fun posting them. You can browse all photos posted by all participants in the Micro.blog May Photoblogging challenge on a cool grid at micro.blog/discover/mbmay/grid. Some of them are really creative.

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