Why I got a double-walled steel mug

I purchased six double-walled steel cups three years ago, and I’ve never gone back to drinking things in ceramics or glass. Here’s why.

  1. Even when my beverage is really hot, the cup’s insulating layer of air between its outer and inner steel wall makes things pleasant warm to hold on the outside.
  2. The same design keeps the beverage inside hotter for longer. This is good if you’re a slow drinker, the kind who likes to sip and enjoy your beverage while working or relaxing.
  3. For cold beverages such as cold coffee, the cold metal inner wall feel pleasant to the tongue.
  4. A steel cup is child-proof. Adult-proof too.
  5. No leaking liquids from the bottom of the cup, as is the case of ceramics. Avoid table and cloth stains by design.
  6. It’s not gimmicky or at least not over-engineered like the active temperature control mugs. It just works passively on the reliable laws of physics.

Aside: In August 2022, I stumbled upon a glass equivalent.

I dislike ceramics and glass because they’re fragile and thermally terrible. I don’t care that they look pretty. But this one could be a good middle ground for those who don’t find the look and feel of steel aesthetically appealing.

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